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A Word From Our Founder

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It all started with an East Coast fishing trip and a Harley ride home. My frustration was due to not having a secure place to store a firearm while fishing or riding a motorcycle. I tried unsuccessfully to find a solution.

Realizing a need for an X-Treme firearm mounting system. I began experimenting with different designs and materials. When I introduced the product to family and friends it became apparent I was on to something.


I eventually had a product that is unique. Our patent pending design is truly unlike anything else on the market. A non magnentic universal gun mount for any pistol, shotgun or rifle. At that moment, HYDE-RITE was born. 


HYDE-RITE is a veteran-owned company who serves people that support the 2nd amendment. We are proud supporters of all Veterans, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. We're confident you will enjoy our X-Treme firearm mounting system as much as we do!  

Thank you, 

John D  Walrath

John D. Walrath 

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